I tried burlesque: And become the love of my life

28.07.2015 7851
It all started on a nice spring day. A friend supports another friend who is opening first burlesque academy in Slovakia. I tell myself “Why not to join?”

The first lesson brought girls, women, who didn’t know each other, but all had one thing in common – they wanted to be sexy. So we started learning. How to seduce with just a look, how to show off our biggest asset – butt, how and when to smile, what to do with hands… I liked it. What is there not to like. A woman comes to disco and uses some of the stuff she learned – how to give a smile to the one she wants to seduce, how to move her legs so someone buys her a drink.  Imagine the bar occupying gentleman is your boyfriend. The one, that spent the last five years with you, knows the size of your socks and he’s not scared to wash them. The one, with whom the sex used to be so passionate, wild, long lasting, causing multiple orgasms. And now, after the years spent in one apartment, in one bed and one bathroom, it’s all gone. I guess every one of us experienced something like this, and that is why we continued going to the classes. All of us want to be wanted by our boyfriend (and honestly, most of the girls attending the class are happily taken!). But it’s not just about that. After some time, we found out, that we can’t live without it. That we are looking forward to our weekly self-confidence boost, that we physically need it. We need to see those women, those women wearing corsets and red lipsticks change from a white collar workers and students into dominatrix, wild pixies and confident kitties. And that is why, since it started, it didn’t yet come to an end…


Sweet Chilli