Lifting the Curtain on Strip Clubs in Bratislava: Part 1

11.07.2016 33018
I wanted to see a stripshow here in Bratislava for years, but I have never had a right partner in crime for this experience. Thanks to Bratislava Burlesque I met ladies with the same passion for nudity, so along with Catrice Cat and Diamond Fairy we had a legendary weekend that stole our breath away.

When one says a „strip club“ people usually imagine a horrible venue with leather seats, bad music, expensive drinks and not very attractive women. I wanted to conquer this myth and prove that there are high class strip clubs. People also often confuse burlesque with striptease, so it was truly important to me to understand the local scene. With a huge respect, of course!


Making the Tour de Stripclubs was the initial idea, but making it a surprise night for Diamond Fairy was even a bigger fun! Here is her reaction:



In Bratislava there are several places like this and it's not difficult to find them. It's much more difficult to gain the courage to visit them. We planned to visit at least 4 of them in order to have enough material for the blog. Since we wanted to delight Diamond, we went to the male strip club first. It was the closest one plus we thought it will be just ridiculous and disgusting, so we would just take a look and leave. But...This absolutely didn't work for us...


The entrance fee is 15€. Does it seem too expensive? Wrong! This price is perfectly fine. We got a welcome drink and fake dollars that you can reward dancers with, but what will be rewarded? Actually, it was just three of us, a hen party group, two older ladies and few ladies came a little later. It's Friday night and it's summer, so where is the audience?

The lights went out, music turned on and three men in suits walked on stage. We had shivers immediately! The temperature in the club instantly increased and we could only pick up our jaws from the ground after seeing their first choreography. Oh and you should see their hot bodies, dancing skills and face expression! They were charismatic as f♥ck! Whoa! Seems like I love men strip, although it seemed it would never be my cup of glitter. 

These gods also went off the stage and pleased us with a truly intimate performance. This is the part I thought I don't like at all, but the atmosphere, adrenaline and alcohol triggered some magic. And I let them take me on the stage! I almost died from excitement! Not because of the „wepretendwehavesex“ moves, but because a man who can dance is probably the most sexy creature on earth! He made such things to me that I literally couldn't catch my breath! „Don't worry, everything is okay.“ He whispered to my ear and I wanted to scream: „I AM NOT WORRIED! MY LEGS ARE JUST NOT SHAVED!“

After this experience, I thought that nothing can surprise me anymore. The opposite was true. Of course we became friends and talked to 5am. So we found out that only one of them is from Slovakia (btw he is very young, intelligent and polite), then there were two guys from USA and one from Hungary. All amazingly talented and nice. We left the club with hackles up, with the biggest smile and with sparkles in our eyes. This normally happens in Bratislava? Only 5 minutes from my house? I want to be there every day! And this dream somewhat fulfilled, because the next day we found ourselves there again.


I have to say that I am glad that we went there again. And I also have a recommendation for all the people. Let's learn how to give a second chance, don't judge after the first sight. It was the same show, same performers, but completely different experience! The club was full now. Boys had about 10 performances per night and collected a record number of dollars. But there is one big BUT. Drunk women are a beast on their own. Often much worse than men. They are uncontrollable! As well as groping of women is not right, it is not right the way around. A stripper is doing a show for fun, but even fun has its limits. Nudity is not matter of course, it's not free and even for 15€ you can not do what ever you want. Striptease has rules as well!



For good of all the women involved, we decided to omit the video due to its content.


So if we could see only Saturday night, we wouldn't have such an amazing experience as we had on Friday. But this is live entertainment. It has so many elements that there will never be two same nights. Although the fact that we stayed there again till 5 am was the same.

It was truly a hard weekend, but I feel happy and inspired, so I can only recommend this to every woman.

Who will join us there the next week? :)

Our rating 4 Ladies Menstrip and New Flame: 20 / 10


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