Vintage Makeover Day by Bratislava Burlesque

18.07.2016 14499
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˝Make this kind of a diva from me as well!“ Daniela suddenly shouted and had no idea what can her wish bring on! We put our skills together and revived a femme fatale with a pinch of modern twist in this beautiful woman. What do you think about this makeover?

It was just a small idea at the beginning, but we were so thrilled to make it happen! Daniela is the kind of a woman that is naturally beautiful, but needed to be pushed a little to wear more colorful clothes and a bit of make-up. This is what Daniela looked like before the makeover:

Our mission was a total makeover from top to toe, so we decided to visit the Vintage shop in Bratislava.

They have a perfect selection of everything you can think of! Hats, shoes, dresses? It's all right there. We chose few outfits, but the floral pattern was our favorite one. It was not only the most original outfit, but it looked great at her and she also felt fantastic. This choice was more than clear to us! What do you think about the final price?Not bad at all, huh?

Price of the outfit: 12€

We all were blown away by the outcome! Alongside the visage we created a daily classic vintage look flavoured by the touch of a modern urban woman. Striking details and unique pieces created an interesting look that was definitely eye catching.


But this was not enough at all. We wanted to push this look a little further, so we decided to create a night version as well! And this is how an elegant woman turned into a hot diva! The red robe was definitely the right vintage treasure thanks to whom this beautiful boudoir style was born.

                                  Price of the outfit: 5€

"I always admired the 50's classy "look", I always dreamed about this kind of a makeover and I always wanted to try get back to this beauty. But I had no idea how to do it. My dream came true thanks to divas from Bratislava Burlesque. Their vision and experiences led me the whole day to amazing results, but mainly to the amazing feeling. I felt unique, feminime and seductive, so it was not only the outer, but also the inner experience."


Watch this short video and take a peek inside this beautiful day :)


If you would like to spend this kind of a day with us, do not hesitate to leave us a message at We are looking forward to meet you!


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